Works A magazine about data & visual journalism

A magazine about data & visual journalism

A magazine about data & visual journalism
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Public information and education - Communicating complexity

Project objective

Create an e-magazine dedicated to visual and data-journalism, showcasing how this can contribute to the efficiency and understanding of journalistic story-telling.

Project results

A digital platform that collects international best-in-class examples and creates best practice projects in the field of visual and data-journalism.

Project background

Launched in 2016, Visualeyed is an online data and visual journalism magazine that aims at offering a new perspective and inspiring new forms of visual communication in journalism.

The online magazine’s team researches and creates articles based on open data sources, transforming them into accessible articles supported by data-visualizations and interactive elements. Furthermore, Visualeyed publishes a monthly selection of top-notch and best practice examples of visual journalism produced by the most renowned international newspapers. Ultimately, the magazine aims to increase the usage of new visual forms in journalism.

Content is curated by Dalk and The Visual Agency.

«Visualeyed is the first italian online blog and magazine that showcases the narrative power of data. We not only collect best-practice examples from all around the world but with The Visual Agency we create our own, award-winning data-journalism articles on pressing matters of current affairs.»

Tommaso Guadagni - Founder of Visualeyed

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Featured in the leading Italian daily national newspaper, Corriere della Sera, this piece of data journalism investigates the US election scandal that swept the Trump administration in mid-2017. The visual story reconstructs the network of events and relationships that led to what is now known as Russiagate.

Explore this internationally recognized piece of interactive visual journalism here.

Permette Signorina

Human trafficking is a key human interest topic in our modern world with Nigeria as one of the most prominent, yet challenging source markets for sex trafficking, while Italy is a top destination for the human traffic - despite this fact being well concealed. Visualeyed raised awareness of this global issue by designing a clever news report approach that breaks down the journey of these girls into parts. The journalistic piece, titled Permette Signorina, uses maps and visualizations to enhance the captivating and in-depth storytelling.


An interactive microsite, this visual journalism piece, titled Satellites, offers the readers the ability to discover the network of satellites that roam the Earth’s atmosphere. The visualization offers a detailed view of the 1419 satellites in orbit between 1989 and 2016.

Filters allow the user to discover further information about each satellite.

Matti Per Sempre

Matti Per Sempre is a web documentary centered around the consequences of the Basaglia Law, the first law of its kind globally calling for the closure of all mental asylums in Italy.

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, anecdotes, documents and testimonies offer a raw and investigative view of these remnants.

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