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Kiuu, motion graphic production software

Multi-channel communication has become a standard practice for many companies and organizations. This approach requires a great variety of content and as a result the importance of creating high-quality videos has increased significantly. Kiuu enables the client to produce and distribute videos automatically and completely autonomously without any sort of human intervention.

What are automated motion graphic videos?

Automated motion graphic videos respond to the growing need of organizations and the media to produce and populate their communication channels with great frequency. These communication channels for internal and external communication require personalized, high-quality content often related to recursive data and information all of which automated videos can provide.

Kiuu, The Visual Agency’s software for the automated production of motion graphics 

Kiuu is a platform created for the automated production of animated (motion graphic) videos based on external databases and textual information. Using automation logic Kiuu allows for the production of large quantities of high-quality and highly personalized videos. 

The potential use cases of an automated production of customized videos are manifold and range from continuous updating of the news, financial information, social media data and sports results to the production of motion graphics bills, bank account statements and the publication of information and data on corporate communication channels.

After an initial set-up phase establishing the personalized and customized design and style template based on the client’s requirements the software will be connected to the clients information sources such as a data-base or archive. From there on, Kiuu is able to create videos in any quantity depending on the required frequency which can range from ten to one hundred a month or even daily. Therefore, Kiuu simplifies the creation of editorial plans and significantly reduces production and planning times and costs. 

Furthermore, Kiuu can automatically publish the videos on all of the client’s communication platforms from FTP spaces, to content management systems (CMS) and all common social media platforms. 


Our approach entails

Additionally to our motion graphic competencies, our approach with regards to Kiuu entails: 

The projectualization of your automated motion graphic campaign, integrating data, graphics and animation and the realization of a pilot video. 

Transformation of the pilot video into the automation template preparing all animations that vary according to the underlying data. 

Preparation of the platform, connecting all automation components.

Testing of the template and platform through data-streaming.

Activation of Kiuu and initialization of the automated production of motion graphic videos.

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Client benefits

Tailor made templates.

API connection of all of the client’s data sources and text archives.

Automatic video production inside the cloud. 

Automatic publishing of the videos on all required platforms. 

Potential research and integration of existing data with open data.

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