We are an information design agency specialized in communicating complexity and visualizing data.

We use information design to unlock the story-telling power of data. Turning numbers and words into meaningful visualizations, memorable insights and engaging experiences.

A decade of growth

The Visual Agency’s story starts in 2011, when our Founder, Paolo Guadagni, former CEO of the award-winning Milanese PR agency Digital PR, is approached by the Italian Nuclear Forum, a government agency with the challenge of effectively communicating large amounts of data about nuclear energy to the Italian population. Guadagni joins forces with Professor Paolo Ciuccarelli, Founder and then Head of the Density Design Lab at Politecnico di Milano, with the idea to establish a specialized agency combining technical know-how and data-science with creative design and communications. Later that year The Visual Agency is founded.

Specialized expertise

The Visual Agency’s services are renowned for driving business value for clients. Some of the key benefits we deliver are: 

  • Sales and marketing measurement, optimization and performance.
  • Financial analysis and decision.
  • Financial and business data analysis to guide decision making.
  • Public education and communication.
  • Efficient internal and external corporate communication.
  • Brand measurement and performance.
  • Research and Survey communication.

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