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Annual reporting is a core business deliverable for many corporations. At TVA, we help our clients revolutionize the functionality of these reports. Whether reporting on financial performance, business health, sustainability efforts or corporate social responsibility, approaching reports with the key messages and data-points combined with effective design delivers added value for your company.

What is Reporting?

Reports serve as a key way to inform investors, stakeholders, clients or the general public of positive achievements, investments, business performance and overall health of a company. Reports are also a widely used instrument of communication for institutions and organizations to inform a broad audience about specific issues and matters. Traditionally, reports are printed or conceptualized as a static output presenting complex numbers and texts, which can make reports difficult to engage with.

The Visual Agency’s Reporting expertise

The Visual Agency takes a step back to evaluate the story our client wants to share with their audience. Whether the focus be on profits, sustainability, digital transformation or something else, we review the data and develop a design framework that helps tell that story, highlighting core pieces of information and numbers. We design integrated corporate statements, annual reports, snapshot reports and more. 

We match our clients’ brand guidelines with applicable national and international standards, assembling a team of information-designers and illustrators to deliver a compelling narrative for the brand.  

Our professional experience allows us to adapt our projects to a multiplicity of audiences and to integrate elements of data-visualization and infographics into static or interactive outputs.

We help our clients to transform static hardcopy reports and publications into digital, interactive, multi-device online versions, including videos, animations and data-visualizations. 

This transformation of static publications into digital reports not only requires technical know-how, but also the capability of developing narratives and storylines that can be applied to the online world.

Our approach entails

We analyze the content and audience together with your team to ensure we find the right angle for the most efficient communication.

We analyze your brand guidelines, shaping the report’s design to fit your creative framework.

In collaboration with your team, we create a storytelling approach to engage your audience.

We create a design concept and moodboard to articulate all design elements before going into production.

We apply our know-how in the fields of information design and data-visualization to create infographics, data-visualizations, illustrations and iconography as supporting elements for your reports.

We handle the entire layout design of the report, across all publication languages.

The whole creative and production process is followed by a dedicated account manager.

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Client benefits

Communication tailored to different audiences increases transparency and dialogue.

Best practice standards applied to your report.

Create spin-off products such as microsites and videos in-house to increase engagement and benchmarking position.

Communicate complex concepts in a clear and effective way, demonstrating commitment and value for CSR, environment and similar corporate citizenship areas.

Well-done reporting attracts investors, employees and creates a competitive advantage for the client.

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