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As the amount of data we produce, and consume, grows by the day, so does the need to understand and act on that data. When designed effectively, data-driven dashboards provide real-time access to your most important metrics, visualized in a digestible format.

What are Data-driven Dashboards?

Interactive dashboards are tools that provide a framework for understanding data. Through dashboards, users can dig deeper into the data-story, identify patterns, outliers and opportunities that can facilitate more informed decision-making and action. 

Dashboards are fed with information, often multiple data-sources, which are then visually displayed through data-visualization. A dashboard connects, compares and cross-references data from one or multiple sources, obtaining multi layered and tailored insights for the user.

The Visual Agency’s Dashboard expertise 

The design of custom interactive Data-driven Dashboards is a core solution provided by The Visual Agency. We are able to work with both qualitative and quantitative data to create visual dashboards whose legibility extends beyond business analytics teams. We also offer consultancy that provides a full onboarding experience.

Creating a tailor-made dashboard is a complex task and requires close collaboration with the client. That's why we kick-off all our dashboard projects with workshops, interviews or similar activities, thus setting the stage for the design and development of a dashboard that responds 100% to the client’s needs.

Our state-of-the-art approach and longstanding expertise guarantee a smooth project workflow regardless of the project's complexity. This has enabled us to successfully create business intelligence dashboards for industries such as media, fashion and the energy sector, but also communication dashboards for a broad, non-expert audience.

All our Data-driven Dashboards are tailored to our client’s needs and delivered to the client as a stand-alone project with no fees attached.

Our approach entails

Together with you, we analyze the data/information, users, purpose and technical aspects of the dashboard in structured kick-off sessions.

We analyze your brand guidelines and creative framework.

We create a design concept for you to review and confirm all design elements.

We advise and provide consultancy on how to best visualize the data/information at hand.

We apply our know-how in the fields of information design and data-visualization to create scientifically correct and appropriate data-visualizations for the end-user.

We create a wireframe to demonstrate the layout and logic of the dashboard.

We create an interactive mock-up of the dashboard for user testing and client approval.

Once the mock-up is approved we develop the front- and back-end of the dashboard accordingly.

Tutorial production for users and onboarding.

We deploy the dashboard to you and guarantee 1 year of maintenance after delivery.

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Client benefits

Structured activities to capture all of your needs and KPIs.

Collaborative approach to avoid scope-creep.

Multi-device development.

User testing activities to create the right dashboard for the right purpose and user.

UX/UI design applied to your dashboard for intuitive user-experience.

Information design consultancy and data-analysis for powerful analytics and visualizations.

Design, front-end and back-end services all in-house.

Deployment of the dashboard directly to your system environment.

No licence fees attached.

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