Works An accessible guide to the Italian Constitution

An accessible guide to the Italian Constitution

Client benefit

- Facilitate access to complex information 
- Provide an overview to enhance understanding
- Engage diverse audiences

Project objective

Facilitate access to the content of the Italian Constitution through a clear data visualization, catering to individuals with varying degrees of familiarity with the subject matter. 

Project results

A dynamic platform that presents the Constitution through the most up-to-date and significant content. Themes are organized in a clear hierarchical structure and can be easily explored. 

Project background

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Italian Constitution, The Visual Agency has developed, in collaboration with WITHUB, a platform that celebrates the contents and history of the Constitution. Through a user-friendly interface and clear data visualization, the site allows for an immersive exploration of the principles and articles, encouraging interaction and reflection. The project emphasizes the enduring relevance of the Constitution, transforming an historical document into a dynamic educational tool, increasing civic awareness through technology.

Explore the project

To commemorate the Italian Constitution, WITHUB has worked with The Visual Agency to create a platform aimed at making the historical document easily accessible to various audiences. The website serves as a significant informative tool, designed to engage an audience that ranges from domain experts to laymen. Special focus has been put on making the document more accessible for representatives of the Generation Z age group.

Visualization of the app for the Italian Constitution on responsive device

Accessible organization of resources

Through the use of data visualization, we were able to enhance the information of an historical and complex document like the Constitution. Our team collaborated with WITHUB in the initial phase of the project to define the flow of information and conduct content research. Subsequently, we highlighted the most relevant themes to create a clear and easily accessible organized hierarchy for users. 

A clarifying overview

The project provides an overview of the content, facilitating a more organic understanding of the information. Its structure summarizes key themes and amplifies them through connections and relationships across different levels, enriching interpretation and fostering a more thorough and articulated comprehension of the content. 

Innovative approach for a universal audience

The innovative reinterpretation of the content by The Visual Agency has played a pivotal role in fostering interactive and effective engagement from a diverse and extensive audience. Design decisions, including the use of immediate filters and simplifications, are aimed at making content accessible to both industry professionals and a younger, less experienced audience. This approach invites exploration and understanding of the constitutional heritage in an interactive and dynamic way. This platform was in fact developed as an educational project that is part of Viva la Costituzione, la Costituzione è viva!, which involved over 9,000 primary school children across the national territory.

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