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Our solutions for data-driven storytelling

All data tells a story, you just need to know how to write it. We help our clients to uncover the story that lies within their data. Through data-analysis, creative design, cutting edge infographics and visual journalism techniques we take data-driven storytelling to the next level, uncovering, extracting and reimagining your data-narrative.

What is Data-driven Storytelling?

The technical possibilities to collect and store data have fundamentally changed the way we interact with qualitative and quantitative information. Businesses and institutions of all kinds have understood that to truly engage with the data, they need to go beyond numbers to offer context and meaning. By unlocking the narrative power of your data, you extract the key insights for your audience. A key benefit of audience-centric, data-driven storytelling is that it has the power to convey a strong message and convincing call-to-action.

The Visual Agency’s Data-driven Storytelling expertise

Data-driven Storytelling is a complex task that requires a sophisticated data-analysis, skilled story-telling capability and the ability to develop a sound customer journey that results in the correct interpretation of the data and information at hand. 

In order to extract, and tell, a compelling story, we take an audience-centric approach that pulls together a series of different techniques and design principles focusing on the integration of data-visualization, information design and visual journalism.
We believe that it is key that this interdisciplinary data-driven storytelling pivots around connecting the audience with the message that you want your data to deliver.

The Visual Agency houses a broad internal skill-set and rich expertise in the fields of visual and data-journalism, with a particular consideration for usability in design, making us a preferred partner for the creation of data driven storytelling projects. We extract the story that lies behind our client’s data, create a narrative and produce compelling communication products - in an array of formats - to tell that story effectively to your stakeholders. We are specialized in creating comprehensive visual designs that embed data visualizations, motion graphic videos, infographics and the like into the final communication product, supporting the level of audience engagement with your narrative and storyline.

Our approach entails

Our team analyzes your data in collaboration with the relevant internal stakeholders.

Together with your team, we review and evaluate the complete ecosystem in which the final project should be embedded. 

Through workshops like meetings, brainstorming sessions and other structured activities we analyze audience, content and the purpose of your project and desired communication channels.

We hold dedicated sessions to identify the best narrative for your data.

Thereafter, we propose various approaches and solutions of how to develop and embed your data-story.

Our team delivers a full creative transformation of the agreed upon narrative to fit the final project framework. 

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Client benefits

Collaboration with a team of experts.

Consultancy on final output of communication products.

Combined aesthetics and functionality.

In-house production of micro-sites, interactive data-visualizations, infographics, motion-graphic videos and more. 

Award-winning experience in data- and visual-journalism.

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