Works An immersive experience behind renewable energies

An immersive experience behind renewable energies

Client benefit

- Sharing simplified information to a non-expert audience
- Demonstrating Eni’s commitment to clean energy research
- Focusing on Eni’s global investments and collaborations

Project objective

To promote Eni’s dedication to investments and partnerships with international organizations and to raise awareness about magnetic confinement fusion.

Project results

The Visual Agency created an immersive platform that merges educational storytelling with scientific data presented through infographics, animations, and an interactive 3D element.

Project background

Eni is committed to pursuing sustainable and renewable energy sources and finds magnetic confinement fusion to be the future of energy. Despite the many challenges, the company is determined to collaborate with different organizations to participate and contribute to both global and local research and development projects. To illustrate this technology in a straightforward manner and emphasize Eni's contribution, The Visual Agency was commissioned to create an immersive longform.

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The Visual Agency created this longform to spread awareness about magnetic confinement fusion and the role that Eni is playing in the research and development of this technology. Increasing public awareness is crucial to promote the potential of a sustainable and clean energy future.

The Set-up


The Visual Agency designed a page that immerses the viewer in the concept of magnetic confinement fusion as a replication of stellar energy. This is achieved through a background that portrays a starry sky and reacts to the movements of the mouse cursor, resulting in an engaging experience.

The storytelling elements are spherical, resembling stars, and are interactive. They light up in response to the cursor's movements and provide access to various project or video tabs.

Production Process


The page follows a modular structure, consisting of scroll-activated text sections accompanied by graphic elements like animations or data lists. This approach aids in simplifying the reading process for those who may be unfamiliar with the topic. The Visual Agency also produced a teaser video on the subject, which is featured in the longform.

The significance of this work lies in its role in advancing Eni's investments in several cooperative initiatives with Italian institutions, namely ENEA and CNR, as well as with international ones, like MIT in Boston.

The Backend Technology


The Visual Agency created a state-of-the-art 3D interactive feature that resembles the interior of a tokamak, the reactor used in magnetic confinement fusion. Eni seeks to emphasize its research efforts, which is why the interconnected spheres of different sizes in the model allow access to pages featuring the projects Eni has invested in or additional videos. The spherical design was chosen to evoke both the vastness of stars and the minuteness of atoms.

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