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Data is a powerful source for any business - when you know how to use it. At The Visual Agency, we understand that some clients want to learn how to utilize their data to drive their business forward, and therefore we offer consultancy services to help them gain a deeper understanding of their data, or the custom tools and visualizations we provide.

What is design consultancy

The purpose of design consultancy is to create creative designs and improve and add value to the final product
In our area of expertise, design consultancy is delivered successfully when creativity is combined with scientific knowledge because data-visualization and information design need to be not only beautiful but also scientifically correct. 

Furthermore, effective consultancy requires the application of a structured approach to make sure our recommendations fit into the existing design ecosystem and add to the client’s business value.

The Visual Agecy’s Design Consultancy expertise 

Our consultancy takes a hands-on approach as we train specific client teams and consult on four core subject areas: information design, data visualization, data visualization tools and data-driven projects

We collaborate with our clients to find, and develop, solutions together and to make sure that all our recommendations respond to the existing client capabilities and their growth strategy. 

Understanding the client’s needs is key to developing a customized consultancy plan. Each of our consultancies is tailor-made to the client, their data-set and target audiences.

We consult with our clients on bespoke data visualizations, ranging from evaluation and redesign, to custom-problem solving and tool design, providing our clients with a step-by-step instructional guide on how to effectively use these solutions.

Our approach entails

We analyze the complete ecosystem in which the final project should be embedded with your team.

Through workshops, brainstorming sessions and other structured activities we analyze audience, content and the overall purpose of your project.

Thereafter, we identify areas of improvement and knowledge gaps with your team.

We review and establish a benchmarking process to ensure you remain competitive and effective in your ability to leverage your data.

We identify how our intervention can add value to your business.

Client and user testing where applicable to ensure audience focus.

We can provide the option of a solution that can be implemented independently by your team after the consultancy.

For most clients we offer a 360 degree approach from ideation to implementation.

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Client benefits

Hands-on collaboration with a team of experts.

In-depth review and understanding of how to solve business challenges and/or drive business growth through product development, and team engagement.

Consultancy on final output of communication products.

Combined aesthetics and functionality of product, and an understanding of how to leverage this balance when presenting to target audiences.

Knowledge transfer from consultant to client.

Assessment of project environment and in-house capacities to deliver an executable product and consultancy.

Consultancy on new and/or existing projects.

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