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Our solutions for motion graphics 

Video is one of the most consumed, and therefore effective, content delivery formats globally. It allows viewers to visually follow a journey, making it more engaging and memorable.

What are motion-graphics?

Video forms a crucial role in digital marketing strategies, and is a powerful tool for storytelling, especially when we reference or represent data. Motion graphics are animated graphic designs that give depth and substance to a narrative, often supported through music or text. They are the most useful approach when trying to concisely explain a complex concept that is attached to a narrative or when you want to tell a story that is easily understood by a broad audience. Motion-graphics are also suitable for multi-channels and can be used on websites, social media-channels and at events.

The Visual Agency’s motion-graphic expertise

The Visual Agency has its own in-house motion graphics team, delivering end-to-end videos that greatly enhance our clients’ marketing and communications strategies. From a corporate point-of-view, the benefits of motion graphics extend beyond marketing to support education, information and audience engagement. Through our illustrators and designers we are able to take a subject - or information set - and create unique, captivating videos for their target audience. We work in line with brand guidelines and tone of voice to deliver critical brand communication and marketing assets for our clients.

Our motion-graphic projects include full creative development, starting with close client collaboration in the narrative creation and story-boarding phases, right through to creative design and final product delivery. We have specialized in the motion-graphic visualization of data and quantitative information, adding an additional layer of information to our client’s videos.

Our references cover a broad range of industries, since we have created videos for the entertainment giants, pharmaceuticals and the medical sector, the food industry, energy sector and many more.

Our approach entails

Together with your team, we analyze the content, narrative, purpose of the video with your team to make sure. we find the right angle for the most efficient communication to your target audience.

In collaboration with the client, we identify the target audience and tone of voice with your team.

We analyze your brand guidelines and creative framework to develop a fully branded solution.

Identification of benchmarks and creation of a narrative concept.

Full script development.

Art direction of different style frames to define the creative look and feel.

Production of a storyboard for each scene based on the script.

Voice over recording or music selection and purchasing  if your project has the need for audio.

Creation of an animated prototype, including  voiceover and audio (where applicable).

Illustration of all scenes.

Animation of all illustrated scenes.

Sound design.

Fine tuning of the video.

Final delivery.

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Client benefits

Collaborative approach to define audience, tone of voice and communication channels.

Consultancy on final output.

In-house teams allowing greater collaboration, flexibility and customization:

  • Design and illustration 
  • Motion-graphic
  • Sound design 

A network of longstanding and trusted partners for voice-over and translation services.

Data-visualization and information design applied to your video to enrich messaging and remove the complexity of numbers.

Vast experience working with clients from different industries.

Experience in production of mini-video series for global brands.

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