We handle the strategic design and visualization of complex information and data.

We are a highly specialized team with longstanding experience in information design and data visualization, working with our clients to tackle the challenges of ever-growing complexity with the abundance of big data. Companies need to communicate increasingly complex information such as business intelligence and strategies, performance numbers, supply-chains and detailed projects to diverse audiences and stakeholders.

We help our clients to communicate, represent and decipher data and complex information through information-design and data-visualization. Our solutions equip our clients with the right tools to increase performance, engagement, transparency, revenue and trust.

What is information design?

Information design is the art of presenting information in an accessible, audience-centered way to increase the audience’s ability to understand, process and interact with it. It aids communications efficiency, while increasing audience receptivity. The crucial point is that this transformation does not only focus on esthetics but takes into account the needs, interests and capabilities of specific audience groups. 

Information-design is a relatively new discipline that combines not just design elements, but a broader set of skills that weave into the digital platforms and experiences that reign in today’s communications. From user experience designers and developers to editors, graphic designers, illustrators and data visualization experts — developing custom solutions becomes a rich journey into design. The Visual Agency’s staff, with its broad internal skill-set, is perfectly set up to provide 360-degrees information design services, particularly specialized in the art of data visualization.

What is data-visualization?

Data viz is a sub-discipline of information design that counts the highest number of applications in business. It is a hybrid discipline between statistics and graphic design. This intertwined relationship allows data visualization to represent the content of a data-set in a way that makes the insight visible for the user.  

At TVA, our designers are hand-picked from the Density Design Lab at the Politecnico di Milano, where they lead academic research and approaches for the visual representation of complex social, organizational and urban phenomena. With the benefit of this academic background, our designers combine the most precise and scientific approaches of visualization to develop tailor-made, compelling solutions for different clients, stakeholders and audiences.

Tailor-made solution development 

All TVA solutions are bespoke, as we work in close collaboration with our clients to fully understand their and their audience’s needs. 

Whether marketing or HR, finance or another business unit, we subscribe to the belief that all of our client’s challenges require a unique solution based on immersion into their business and the problem they are trying to solve. Given the connection between these two core areas of consideration, we firmly believe that a one-size-fits-all approach is unable to produce satisfactory results.

Our solutions focus on six core categories

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