A reporting system on different media

A long-lasting collaboration to design the communication system of a highly innovative company through a sophisticated and intertwined environment of reports (paper, micro-websites and app), enriched by tailor-made infographics and interactive data visualizations.


The paper part of the reporting system consists of 3 books:

– financial report
– integrated report
– integrated report synthetic version


Over 200 pages full of beautiful illustrations, sophisticated data visualizations and clear infographics to better explain, sum-up and schematize the content of such a complex matter.

The most interesting pages are these sophisticated representations of data. Financial results are proportionate ribbons that float and split their self step by step in order to represent the economic funnel.

The digital version of the report is hosted by the client in a dedicated micro-website. Available for desktop, tablet and mobile, it gathers the most interesting content of the paper version: the user can interact and highlight the content of the data visualizations. 

Visit the micro-website 

Download the three reports here


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