Works Eni For: a sustainable story

Eni For: a sustainable story

Eni For: a sustainable story
Client benefit

- International awards
- Sustainability awareness
- Effective and innovative communication

Project objective

Assist the client in the creation of sustainability reports, year after year.

Project results

The sustainability reports produced for Eni received international recognition both for their content as well as their innovative formats.

Project background

Since 2012, we have been supporting Eni in their activities around data visualization and data-driven communication. 

Within this close working relationship, we were involved in the creation of all the sustainability reports of the company: from the first paper report to the interactive landing pages, up to the latest examples of multimedia reports. 

Eni, in fact, as a multinational energy company, has always needed to communicate in a detailed and transparent way the steps taken to make their production more sustainable.

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A ten year long history of sustainability: from the first paper report in 2012 to the latest multimedia report, we have been involved in the production of the sustainability reports of Eni, curating both their content and format.

A long collaboration

A long collaboration allowed us and the client to establish a coherent path of research and experimentation.  

Over these ten years we have produced and delivered Eni’s sustainability reports in three types of formats:

  • printed;
  • video;
  • digital/interactive.


From pioneers to point of reference

If in 2012 we were pioneers developing an approach to the creation of these products when specific methodologies did not yet exist, to date we can affirm that we have gained solid expertise in the creation of sustainability reports.  

From the first year, the aim was not only to produce a paper report that simply met brand guidelines but to identify formats and methods that would allow the client to convey the key messages directly and effectively. This was already the case with Eni For 2012, which was published with supplementary videos going deeper into the issues presented in the report. Likewise, Eni For 2013, well ahead of its time, featured a micro-site, up to today's Eni For, a fully digital and interactive experience. 

For each asset, a goal

This mix of hard skills, enriched over the years with the establishment of a robust network of agencies and professionals, combined with deep expertise in communicating complex information, enables us to develop communication assets that meet every need:

  • infographics - they facilitate the reading of the data and make the understanding of the information immediate; 
  • data-driven videos - they allow the creation of a narrative based on the report, making the experience more enjoyable and suitable for any target audience;
  • interactive microsites - they combine the first two outputs, adding elements that prompt the user to interact and delve deeper into the issues presented.

An awarded expertise

We are not only experts in communicating sustainability data and information, but we are also able to understand its content, dynamics and forces at play.

In later editions, this work culminated in the organic and integrated multimedia nature of the latest versions of Eni For - which have become actual international benchmarks. To mark this merit, Eni For 2018 was awarded by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as the best report of the year.

As a matter of fact, along with Eni For, we have been involved in the creation of sustainability reports for several Italian and international companies such as Despar, Manni Group, Campari, Candiani Denim, Indena and many others. 


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