Works The sustainability report of the future: interactive, multimedia, for everyone
PoliS Lombardia

The sustainability report of the future: interactive, multimedia, for everyone

Client benefit

- Communicate with a wide, non-expert audience
- Increase sustainability awareness
- A strategic tool for politicians and decision-makers

Project objective

Creating an engaging SDGs report for a public body, effectively turning complex data into meaningful information through storytelling for both citizens and political stakeholders.

Project results

With a wide variety of cross-channel media like a micro website, a motion graphic video, an interactive presentation and data-driven storytelling techniques, Polis was able to present the general public with a clear overview of the implementation efforts to reach the Sustainable Development Goals, highlighting areas of progress and areas where more action needs to be taken.

Project background

PoliS-Lombardia is a research institute within the governing body of Regione Lombardia which offers a data-driven service to implement and evaluate policy making within the region.

In close collaboration with the client, we built Rapporto Lombardia 2021: an integrated ecosystem as a tool to raise awareness on sustainability and to support political and territorial decisions. 

It is addressed to citizens, regional policy makers, decision makers in the political, economic and social sectors in Lombardy.

«The task of the Lombardy Report is not to give conclusive answers to the many open questions in this changing era, but to document with data the relevance and scale of these questions, highlighting how the trends identified intersect with regional and local administrative action.»

Raffaello Vignali - Scientific Director, PoliS Lombardia

Explore the project

A multichannel sustainability report to describe the SDGs in Lombardy: this is how the Region has informed, educated and involved citizens and decision makers.

Data-driven storytelling within everyone’s reach

Citizens, regional policy makers, decision makers in the political, economic and social sectors: each part of this project has been created with an heterogeneous audience in mind.

The tailor-made solutions of this project are: 

  • A microsite: is the main support, used by all users to navigate the content.
  • A motion graphics video: can be found on the home page and was used during the final presentation of the project.
  • A slide deck: used by the scientific director Raffaello Vignali during the presentation of the project to the public.

Thanks to the collaboration with our partner BEA, we took care of both the graphic and textual part of the entire project.

Communicating sustainability

The growing awareness around environmental issues makes sustainability a necessary development direction for companies, which must therefore find engaging and accessible ways to communicate their sustainability to both consumers and stakeholders.

Thanks to our expertise in this field, we have guided Polis in the choice of tools and methodologies to tell, in synthesis and effectiveness, the progress of the SDGs in the region. The result: an engaging and interactive sustainability report capable of touching a wide audience.

An elegant ecosystem

Thanks to the rich mix of competences of the team, The Visual Agency is able to develop an array of communication tools which turns a static report into an engaging and effective tool in any context or platform.

A visual podcast that looks minimal and professional, but still rich with colors, animations, videos and interactive graphs. This creates a dynamic and engaging atmosphere, making the final product both informative and entertaining.

Peek into the future: The Editorial Hub

The project doesn’t end with an interactive report. The final outcome, still under construction, will be a diverse ecosystem of content and media like data-driven articles, podcasts, motion graphics, animated presentations and other innovative assets. 

The creation of this project is possible thanks to the synergic work between The Visual Agency, BEA and Dalk, bringing added value to this project: not only do we make our clients' data more actionable, but we can also develop new content and innovative approaches.

Data-driven storytelling for the Public Administration

Data-storytelling has potential not only for companies: governments and public administrations can also leverage this tool to inform and engage their citizens.
Having already worked with public administrations such as the European Parliament, the Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Milan and others, The Visual Agency has created narratives that can speak to all their citizens with a simple and institutional language.

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