Works Banca Etica: B-corp Report of Impact
Banca Etica

Banca Etica: B-corp Report of Impact

Banca Etica: B-corp Report of Impact
Client benefit

- Comparative data-gathering workshop
- Customized graphic content 
- High-impact communication tools

Project objective

Design the Report of Impact emphasizing the client’s fundamental values: transparency, clear communication and social commitment. The report is available in both static and digital format.

Project results

Re-assessment of the report as a communication tool, with translations in multiple languages targeting a wide audience. The clear data organization and effective visual design significantly enhance the document's communicative impact.  

Project background

The heart of Banca Etica lies in the uniqueness of their business focused solely on investing in projects that generate social and environmental impact. To present their Report of Impact, they asked The Visual Agency to emphasize this peculiarity. Our team conducted a shared workshop with the client to analyze the report's content, highlighting crucial information to communicate and design an effective graphic layout. The outcome was a report developed in two versions, printed and digital, fully reflecting the client's identity and targeting a broad audience.

«TVA's contribution has been valuable in significantly enhancing the quality of data visualization in our Report of Impact. This goes beyond merely achieving effective and aesthetically pleasing presentation of the data; it also involves successfully conveying complex information that, if explained in words, would have had limited reach with our users. Visuals now provide an immediate and comprehensive understanding. Additionally, our meetings with TVA's team prompted us to conduct new analyses, ensuring a more coherent narrative of the impact generated by Banca Etica.»

Tommaso Rondinella - Impact Models and Social-Environmental Assessment Manager

Explore the project

As a registered B-Corp, Banca Etica is required to create an impact report each year to communicate their ESG commitment. The Visual Agency has accompanied Banca Etica in transforming their impact report into a communication tool, creating a pdf and digital report applying data-visualization and information design.

The Visual Agency working on Banca Etica Impact Report 2023

Comparative workshop

The initial workshop conducted with the client was instrumental in defining the project's objectives for both the static and digital output, along with structuring data in the most suitable manner. As a result, the look & feel and type of data visualization have been specifically designed to enhance the accessibility of the content for a broad and diverse audience while accentuating Banca Etica's corporate values. This phase of direct collaboration with the client proved valuable, enabling a detailed analysis and definition of the project's guiding direction. 

Information Design for Banca Etica Impact Report 2023 by The Visual Agency

Ad-hoc graphic elements


To elevate the content and make it the most clear possible, our designers have created a structure that emphasizes information through a set of customized graphics. The flow chart illustrates the client's resource distribution across various thematic areas, emphasizing the percentage of expenditure directed to specific impact sectors, particularly focusing on new job opportunities and female entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, our team strategically placed within each paragraph of the report a series of photographs chosen by Banca Etica to represent the different impact areas, aiming to maximize the impact of the expressed values.

Wide spectrum communication

The report is available in both paper and digital format, reaching a wider audience due to its readability and accessibility features. In the paper version, information is presented in clear sections accompanied by illustrative graphics, while the layout is designed to be visually engaging and aesthetically pleasing. In the digital edition, navigation is extremely straightforward and intuitive through filters and categories, enabling users to easily explore the content.

The report has won the Impact Award 2023 as recognition for its clear data organization and effective graphic presentation. 

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