Works A new generation of annual reporting

A new generation of annual reporting

Client benefit

Communication Efficiency - explaining the complexity of annual financial data to boost shareholder/investor confidence

Project objective

As one of the largest international retailers, Despar — now known as Spar — was looking for a smart and effective way to present data in their annual report, transforming it into an engaging and entertaining document.

Project results

The initial report design turned into a long-lasting collaboration for the annual release of the report, taking the same multi-media approach to the design.

Project background

Dealing with a network that spans almost 50 countries, The Visual Agency focused on developing a design approach that would have longevity and deliver value to its stakeholders. Understanding the need to maintain the static print format, but acknowledging the benefits of a digital report format that allows for interaction and broad distribution, The Visual Agency brought together different formats to help maximise the actionability of the report and audience engagement with the information being presented.

The Visual Agency took an integrated design approach to develop a sophisticated multimedia reporting system that presented data visualizations in print, a micro-website and interactive app formats, enriched by tailor-made infographics and interactive data visualizations.

«The Visual Agency collaborates with us on the creation and management of print and digital reports, facilitating the use of content through infographics, accurate visualizations of data and real visual metaphors, which contribute to a clear representation of corporate value.»

Raffaele Trivellato - Chief Financial Officer, Despar Nordest

Explore the project

Over 200 pages full of illustrations, data visualizations and infographics to better explain, summarize and transform the complex content at hand.

Despar Company Annual Report by The Visual Agency

The hard-copy

The hard-copy report consists of three books:

  • the Financial report
  • the Integrated report
  • the Integrated short-report
Double page Despar report with an infographic


The reports contain state of the art data representations to support financial information and the economic funnel.

Illustration on a page of Despar report by The Visual Agency
Despar company report by The Visual Agency

The micro-website

The digital version of the report is hosted by the client in a dedicated micro-website.

Available for desktop, tablet and mobile, it gathers the most interesting content of the paper version: the user can interact and highlight the content of the data visualizations.

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