Corriere della Sera

Data visualization at its finest

Internationally premiated collaboration with Italy’s leading newspaper Corriere della Sera. Since 2013 we suggest content and design cutting edge visualizations on current affairs, politics and culture.

Awards & Mentions

International Contest Malofiej of Pamplona.
Information is beautiful Award in Londra.
Ed Awards in Vienna.

The work includes the selection and suggestion of contents to the editorial staff, the analysis of the data collected and the design of the visualizations on topical issues, politics and culture

The “visual data” of La Lettura, the section of the Sunday insert of the Corriere della Sera dedicated to the infographic, in February 2018 was launched for the first time online, and we created an interactive visualization in collaboration with Google – where we have tracked and visualized what Italians have been searching on Google during 2017.

The project rewards the collaboration that we hold with the Corriere della Sera on the side of infographics, which began in 2013 in the paper and now touch also the online section of the Italian newspaper.


Our projects have been awarded at the international contest the Malofiej in Pamplona, the Information is beautiful Award in London and the Ed Awards in Wien.

“Series of numerical correlations become the protagonists of a new way of making information, which involves the reader. The most advanced graphic design resources meet journalism: so the coordinates of a new aesthetic of knowledge are drawn, with a new idea of creativity”.

Learn more about the exhibition Le mappe del sapere at the Triennale of Milan.

Within the exhibition Le mappe del sapere, professor Paolo Ciuccarelli, Alberto Cairo and Daniela Piscitelli – three dear friends of The Visual Agency – discussed the importance of data and journalism: “A designer has to attribute to data and information even before the purely aesthetic side of representation”. All hired which we share since the foundation of the agency.


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