Works Mapping companies’ logistic solutions at the time of Covid-19
GS1 Italy

Mapping companies’ logistic solutions at the time of Covid-19

Client benefit

Communication - Effectively communicate complex information

Project objective

Creating an interactive and easily explorable map of the logistic solutions adopted during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Project results

The creation of an interactive map that is simple and intuitive to use has made communication with stakeholders particularly effective.

Project background

GS1 Italy, the only Italian body authorized to issue barcodes, wanted to illustrate 60 logistic solutions adopted by 21 Italian companies to ensure business continuity during the Covid crisis. The Visual Agency designed a map that can be easily explored by all the stakeholders of the organization and is capable of adapting to the characteristics and needs of different devices and users.

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The Tree of Business Continuity Solutions catalogues and visualizes 60 logistics solutions deployed during the pandemic to ensure business continuity in the FMCG sector: an account of emergency management on the one hand, a common heritage for the future on the other.

An explorable map

In order to make the map easy to consult, its format was designed according to the nature of the data to be represented. It was thus decided to use a circular dendrogram, capable of visually organizing the data into categories and subcategories.


Adaptability is a key element for the client. Thanks to the zoom on the right, it is possible to adapt the display to different screen sizes: from tablet and mobile to desktop and large screens used at trade fairs and conferences.

Filters and navigation

The 60 solutions have been catalogued in 8 macro-categories and 24 categories. Each level can be selected and filtered, so as to provide an overview of the solutions belonging to each category. This creates a homogeneous narrative and offers a useful and intuitive tool for the future.

GS1 Italy The Tree of Business Continuity Solutions: interface with tags

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