Works A dashboard to profile media consumers and optimize broadcast schedule

A dashboard to profile media consumers and optimize broadcast schedule

Client benefit

- Detailed user profiling
- Optimize operations
- Big data at a glance

Project objective

To better analyze the socio-demographic characteristics of the viewers of Mediaset's TV online properties.

Project results

The realization of a tailored dashboard, based on the aggregated data of millions of active users, that provided Mediaset with the power to optimize broadcasting by tracking preferences, habits and interests across the station's programming.

Project background

The project involved several phases: the design and development of the user interface, the analysis of the large amount of data available (millions of data records that have been collected by cookies) and the development of the API to connect to the Mediaset database.

The audience data is presented with key demographic filters such as age, location, device, source of registration and the login provider to offer a full overview of the consumer journey, as well as weighting of core interest areas in the media consumed.

The project required active cooperation with both the IT department and end-users to create a full project. The application is now available for broad internal use on the television group's intranet.

«The Visual Agency's expertise has successfully satisfied our request to create an experimental product that visualizes the entire complexity of our big-data that derives from different data-sources and touchpoints. The Visual Agency created a functional, immersive and aesthetically sophisticated application for us.»

Gianluca D’Innocenzo - Strategic Marketing, Gruppo Mediaset

Explore the project

The dashboard’s interface design has been inspired by technological instruments and reinterpreted using a style that leans towards the digital world.

The dashboard design

The different shades and scales of black exalt the spaces between the different graphs and the color selection. The use of outline borders for the graphs and the sans serif font are equally important for the user experience and user friendliness of the dashboard’s design.

The accessibility

The black background has been chosen to create a more friendly environment for the eyes, which is especially important if the user needs to work with the dashboard for longer periods of time.

A screen of Mediaset dashboard

A user–friendly design

The rationale behind these specific design choices was to create an environment that facilitates the analysis and exploration of the data.

Two screenshots of Mediaset dashboard

Visualizing the information

The landing page gives all the necessary background information about the three user types of the dashboard. All filters have been organized on a dedicated page with a special navigation bar to see all available filters at one glance. This allows for getting a general overview before further drilling down into the dataset using other functions.

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