Works An animated short film for GS1’s strategy

An animated short film for GS1’s strategy

Client benefit

- Innovative communication output of the strategic plan
- Support for brand awareness
- Wide audience reach

Project objective

Create an engaging visual narrative through an animated short film to support the strategic plan and the communicative action of GS1. 

Project results

A motion graphic short film, completed by a powerful script, that effectively communicates GS1’s core values and the strategic vision to a wide audience of stakeholders.

Project background

The Visual Agency has created a narrative vision for GS1 that combines brand values and strategic perspective into a single product. Through various stages of brainstorming, workshops and analysis of the target audience, the motion graphic team has transformed ideas into immediate visual concepts that are impactful. By adding an emotional storyline, the result is a captivating animated short film that engages with a wide audience of stakeholders and offers a valid tool for brand awareness. 

«The barcode reveals, with its universal language, the stories and values that accompany the product in the hands of the people who choose it. This, in short, is the heart of the narrative of the animated video for GS1 Italy, inspired by the strategic themes chosen for the upcoming years together with the consumer goods companies.»

Marco Cuppini - Research and Communication Director of GS1 Italy

Explore the project

The Visual Agency collaborates with GS1 on a new project aimed at creatively communicating the client's values and strategic plan. Through an in-depth analysis of the product and target audience, our team has crafted a short film that encapsulates a highly impactful message.

Creating the content

The motion graphic team conducts a series of meetings, workshops and target audience analysis to transform ideas into a visually impactful graphic concept. Thanks to the collaboration with Dalk, an agency specialized in content creation, the storyboard is completed with an emotional script that enhances its narrative power.

A tool for brand awareness

The short film captures the essence of the client's values and strategic plan, employing a creative visual language. This accomplishment not only reaches a diverse audience but also adeptly conveys the message across various internal and external communication channels, making it a powerful tool for fostering brand awareness.

A collaborative project

The production process took place in close collaboration between the motion graphics team, Dalk, and the communication department of GS1. Following in-depth analyses of the client's activities, the project came together respecting the fundamental values of GS1 and simultaneously revolutionizing the communication format.

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