Works Unicef: three outputs to inform and engage

Unicef: three outputs to inform and engage

Client benefit

- A set of three coordinated communication outputs that inform and engage  
- Raise awareness about the issue of children's living conditions on the Horn of Africa
- A storytelling-driven video

Project objective

Create a series of visually coordinated and captivating communication outputs to raise awareness about children’s migration from the Horn of Africa. 

Project results

A report, a dedicated web page and an animated video that maintain a unified style while highlighting humanitarian themes, evoking powerful emotions and fostering impactful conversations. 

Project background

Unicef ​​carried out research to gain deeper insights into the reasons, fears and expectations of children migrating from the Horn of Africa to reunite with their families. To effectively communicate the findings, The Visual Agency developed various communication materials:, a static report, a video and a corresponding imagery for the dedicated website. The video, presented at the Unicef annual report meeting, drew inspiration from the local traditions and culture with the aim to spark conversations about this important issue. 

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Unicef has tasked The Visual Agency with creating a series of communication outputs aimed at raising awareness among stakeholders. Through meticulous work our team has crafted three visually coordinated materials that effectively address the needs for information, engagement, and emotional impact inherent to the project.

Three coordinated outputs

The Visual Agency has developed the graphic visualization of three different materials; a static report, a motion graphic video and related imagery for a dedicated webpage. All the outputs are united by the same creative line and the same purpose of communicating a message with a strong emotional impact. 

Communicate and raise awareness

The assets created serve not only to convey a humanitarian message but also to foster awareness about the difficult conditions of children living on the Horn of Africa. To achieve this, the team has crafted realistic graphic representations filled with significant details and an animated video that represents a powerful medium to evoke emotions and resonate with the audience. 

The cultural research

The Visual Agency team, in collaboration with Unicef, gathered information and conducted research on the local practices and traditions, to create a representation that can authentically and respectfully portray the culture of the communities involved in the project. 

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