Works Communicating a global message

Communicating a global message

Client benefit

Communication Efficiency - Making complex information accessible

Project objective

Educate people, companies, governments and public bodies about the importance of sound chemicals and waste management for sustainable development.

Project results

The video series, released on a global scale, allowed UNDP to effectively present a complex topic such as waste and chemical disposal to a wide and diverse audience.

Project background

As part of a global campaign to raise awareness of environmental sustainability, and with the support of the German government, UNDP wanted to produce a series of videos that would allow them to present the topic of chemicals and waste management at the Berlin Forum on Chemicals and Sustainability, but that could later be adapted to other contexts and audiences, including the decision makers.

In close collaboration with UNDP's Montreal Protocol and Chemicals &Waste Management Unit, The Visual Agency created four videos characterized by a modern, light-hearted style that combines with a simple and clear narrative.  In this way, this complex topic can be accessed by a wide range of people, especially the non-experts.

Thanks to this project, The Visual Agency could better understand the importance of chemicals and waste management, including such aspects as plastics and healthcare waste disposal, and what actions can be taken to help preserve our planet’s health.

Explore the project

A motion graphics video series that was presented at the Forum on Chemicals and Sustainability in Berlin and has been translated into 6 official UN languages to support UNDP's global campaign for environmental sustainability.

The 4 videos produced by the agency focus on the topic of waste and chemical management.

A global message

The videos were designed to effectively address different audiences, such as public and private entities, associations and governments, with the ultimate goal of generating a process of active citizenship. The success of the series originated requests for translation from referents of many other countries, which led to the production of versions of the project in 6 different languages.

The production process

The video production required strong collaboration between UNDP and The Visual Agency. The constant dialogue between the two parties allowed them to maximize the effectiveness of the message, making it topical and extremely accessible without compromising its scientific and technical validity.

Illustrations to explain complexity 

To increase the accessibility of the scientific content, the agency has specifically developed a new, youthful and engaging style. Bright colors, fluid animations and the use of humorous graphic solutions lighten the atmosphere and make the narrative simple and clear, thus enabling the final product to be informative and entertaining at the same time.

A video series created in a short time

Considering the amount of information and its complexity, the client requested the production of 3 videos, featuring custom illustrations, and a fourth compilation video. The project also needed to be completed in a short time, in order to be used during the Berlin event. The Motion Graphics team of The Visual Agency was able to organize an ad hoc development plan that allowed the project to be successfully completed within the required timeframe.

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