Works Information design and data-visualization for a communication strategy

Information design and data-visualization for a communication strategy

Client benefit

Communications efficiency - Driving meaningful communications and consumer engagement

Project objective

Eni wanted a step-change in its marketing-communications strategy, integrating data into its content and driving engagement with its audience.

Project results

The partnership with The Visual Agency has given Eni access to our expertise in order to create cutting-edge data driven content. Working in such close proximity, we are able to apply our know-how to a multiplicity of content, often produced on short notice for specific marketing needs.

In parallel, this form of cooperation enables us to collaboratively work on bigger projects that require multiple phases of consultancy and involve several stakeholders, such as the Reputation Dashboard.

Project background

The content we produce for Eni as part of this consultancy is commissioned by the departments of internal and external communication, finance, information & technology, and human resources. 

All of the content produced is displayed on Eni’s corporate web-sites:

«Since 2017, The Visual Agency’s team has supported us in designing new ways of development of the energy-related content.»

Corrado Paolucci - Content Strategy & Newsroom Manager, ENI

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Eni, the multinational oil and gas company, chose The Visual Agency as its key communications partner. This consultancy marks a new strategic path for Eni, combining forces to design and produce energy-related, data-driven content.

Overview of the projects organised in collaboration with Eni
A guideline document for Eni

A continuous relationship

After a five-year continuous relationship, The Visual Agency won Eni’s information design tender, lifting the collaboration to the next level in 2017.

One of the first areas of focus in our consultancy partnership was the production of a guideline document.

A photo detail of Eni's report

Guidelines for infographics

For Eni, we produced a guideline document for the production of mass-audience /consumer focused information products. The guidelines outline how to produce content for different contexts, formats and media outputs - including their internal publishing platform.

Key activities of The Visual Agency include the design of multimedia articles, the development of interactive platforms and the production of motion graphic videos. Furthermore, we produce visual content for internal and external communication.

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