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Call to sustainability

The Visual Agency, Dalk and iCorporate launch Call to Sustainability, a new service to help companies communicate their sustainability activities.

Call to Sustainability project

Helping companies communicate data and analytics to reach their goal, whether they be business, health, environmental and humanitarian, has been the mission of The Visual Agency from the very beginning.

Today, we want to help all businesses take a step further towards a more sustainable world. 

A common goal

Together with our partners iCorporate and Dalk, we have created a new service to help companies communicate their effort to reach the Sustainable Development Goals and move towards a more sustainable world. 

With this new service, we support companies on their sustainability journey and the communication of their ESG plan: from the definition of the communication strategy to the implementation of media relations, digital communication, internal communication, stakeholder engagement & management, and reporting tools

Call to Sustainability 

The new service offered in partnership with iCorporate and Dalk provides an integrated approach to transforming the way companies communicate their sustainability activities.

The goal is to create an innovative communication that leverages the power of storytelling to guide the listeners in understanding commitments and results using new channels, new formats and new languages to highlight the issues addressed and the solutions implemented to tackle them.

We see communication as an integral part of companies' sustainability commitment and purpose, as a tool to educate and create awareness, making complex content understandable through data visualization, information design and interactive modes.

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