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Ten years.

Ten years of data visualization

Ten years of information design.

Ten years of excitement, failures and successes.

Even if it feels like yesterday, ten years ago our CEO Paolo Guadagni had a vision.

Without thinking too much about it, he decided to abandon the world of PR and throw himself into what was then just a mirage and is now a solid reality: an agency specializing in data visualization for businesses.

To celebrate our 10 years, we will keep you company with 10 years in 10 weeks where each week for the next 10 weeks we will be uncovering unpublished and unexplored projects, shining a new light on great classics, and sharing curiosities, anecdotes, and reflections on the ten years that have just passed, and the ten to come.

There will be plenty of content and insights that will lead you to our 10 Years Book, the book that will be delivered in digital format - exclusively to all Berry subscribers

In the meantime, take a look at our newly released celebration video summing up in just two minutes ten years of epic challenges and exciting projects:

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