Works Real-time race performance plugs into social media

Real-time race performance plugs into social media

Client benefit

Sales and marketing optimization - Drive customer acquisition

Project objective

Highlight and promote the achievements of Brembo in motor sports and drive customer acquisition through a showcase of the success stories for that year. 

Knowing that motorsport has a popular following, Brembo wanted to increase its own reach through social platforms, building brand awareness and client acquisition potential.

Project results

Shifting from static images to data-driven, animated infographics has increased social media interaction rates by over 300% and rapidly grown Brembo’s social following.

Project background

The Visual Agency has been working with Brembo, the leading Italian company in the production and development of braking systems for cars and motorcycles, since 2014. 

Brembo is renowned as the key brake supplier to the world’s most famous teams competing in the F1, MotoGP, Superbike and similar motorsport circuits.

To celebrate and keep an ongoing record of its crucial role, Brembo began producing an annual publication that comes to life through illustrations and graphics highlighting the contribution of the braking system to the racing teams results. The content is designed in a way that it can be separated from the core book and used across social media activity, allowing a cross-channel marketing mix to drive customer acquisition and content efficiency.

Explore the project

Infographic for Brembo on smartphone by The Visual Agency

Infographic services

The Visual Agency produced three types of infographic content as part of this ongoing partnership: 

  • The descriptive table
  • The summary tables
  • The product feature board

The descriptive table

The descriptive table unpacks the overall stress on both the braking system and the driver on the most demanding curves of each race circuit and current Grand Prix race worldwide.

The summary tables

The summary tables classify the most difficult braking points throughout the championship.

The product feature board

The product feature board provides detailed information about discs, pads, brake calipers, and other performance stats related to the product itself.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix infographic for Brembo on smartphone

These infographics are published on Brembo’s social channels, corporate website and on MotorSport blogs.

Brembo infographics 2016 illustrated book by The Visual Agency

A publication to gather all the infographics

Brembo’s initial project - a collection of infographics linking car and team performance to braking system data - evolved to become a fully illustrated publication that reached 2000 print copies.

Brembo infographics 2016 illustrated book by The Visual Agency

Although distribution of this prestigious work is limited to journalists, key clients and partners of Brembo, exposure through this publication and referral by Brembo’s network has proven to be a beneficial client acquisition tool.

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