Works A simple survey morphs into a research-tool

A simple survey morphs into a research-tool

Client benefit

Communication Efficiency - Effectively present survey results

Project objective

DNV GL needed an effective way to communicate the results of a global survey it conducted to understand how companies are adopting GDPR privacy management.

Project results

The longform transformed static numbers into interactive and meaningful visualizations to help the broader industry understand challenges and approaches to GDPR and to ease the adoption of the new legislation.

Project background

DNV GL conducted a global survey with a sample size of 1,300 large corporations to understand how they were approaching GDPR, given the new EU legislation. DNV GL engaged The Visual Agency to design an interactive, multi-device/mobile-friendly report that effectively communicated the results of this survey.

From a design point of view, the digital nature of this project allowed the client to lead its audience through the complex topic of GDPR, highlighting the specific topics and messages to ensure retention of key pieces of information. Split into 11 sections, each section dealt with a specific issue/question relating to GDPR. The interactive longform design holds the audience's attention by encouraging them to engage with the information they want to explore, filtering on topics such as geography, market, industry and other company dimensions.

«For several years now, we have been collaborating with The Visual Agency on the design and development of digital products that help us facilitate the communication of our global Viewpoint survey and market research data. We use interactive infographics, data visualizations and illustrations created by The Visual Agency for our diverse range of communication channels directed at our internal and external audience.»

Mauro Crippa - Market Intelligence Manager, DNV GL Business Assurance

Explore the project

The graphical approach designed by The Visual Agency for this project facilitates the understanding of the entire data and information at hand. The interactive elements allow the user to drill down into the data to obtain more detailed insights.

DNV Longform by The Visual Agency displayed on a totem

The interactive visualization of a survey

The horizontal menu is always visible for a streamlined and user-friendly navigation of the micro-site. The layout and graphic design of the micro-site help the user to visualize and interact with the data, and the multiple filters make it possible to compare and contrast data and information.

Filtering data & charts

Through drag and drop functions incorporated into the design, it is possible to create individually tailored insights that are displayed in real-time in the graphs.

From touchscreen to mobile

The design as a whole has followed multi-device logic, with the product being usable also on mobile and large touch screens, which is especially interesting for events and conferences.

Two screenshots of TVA infographics for DNV

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