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For many of our clients, reporting their financial performance and business health is a core part of their business. In turn, helping our clients do this in an effective and engaging way is an area The Visual Agency has become highly specialized in.

Reports serve as a key way to inform investors, stakeholders and alike of the positive achievements, performance and growth of a company - but the data is often complex and number heavy, making reports difficult to engage with. 

The Visual Agency takes a step back to evaluate the story our client wants to share with their audience. Whether the focus be on profits, sustainability, digital transformation or something else, we review the data and develop a design framework that helps tell that story, highlighting core pieces of information and numbers. We design integrated corporate statements, annual reports, case studies and more. 

We match our clients’ brand guidelines with applicable national and international standards, assembling a team of information-designers and illustrators to deliver a compelling narrative for the brand. 

Our professional experience allows us to adapt our projects to a multiplicity of audiences and to seamlessly integrate elements of data-visualisation and infographics into static or interactive outputs depending on the clients needs. 

To increase the accessibility and visibility of traditional reports we help our clients to transform static hardcopy reports and publications into digital, interactive, multi-device online versions, including videos, animations and data-visualizations. Transforming static publications into digital reports not only requires technical know-how but also the capability of developing narratives and storylines that can be applied to the online world.

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