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Candiani - Coreva prova
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The motion-graphic video Coreva is the result of a longstanding professional relationship with Candiani. In close collaboration with the client we have created a tailor made visual language that captures all key aspects of the brand as well as its uniqueness on the market. 

Through a structured storyboard created by our motion graphic experts the video is able to inform and educate the audience at the same time. The combination between, visual language, audio and narrative enabled us to touch on all aspects of the product without having to oversimplify or sacrifice parts of the story. The motion graphic video is the perfect output for multichannel communication. It can be used on multiple platforms and channels, such as websites, social media channels, at events or at display in shops or offices.

Communicating the client’s USP

Candiani constantly strives to improve the sustainability and quality of their products. The motion graphic video is the perfect means of communication to tell the client’s story of excellence, success and constant development. The videos can all be easily updated to include the newest successes in the field of environmental sustainability, new certifications and awards.

Communicating complexity

Garment production and environmental sustainability, supply chains, the production process and its rules and regulations are highly complex issues. They are often short lived and have to be updated regularly. Contrary to filmed video content, the motion graphic format is easily updatable and through a structured narrative and storytelling approach can turn complexity into clear communication.

An animated brand identity 

The Visual Agency in close collaboration with Candiani has developed an animated brand identity that captures the values, mission and vision of the brand. The tailor made illustrations integrate perfectly with the client’s brand identity and brand guidelines becoming an integral part of clearly recognizable brand communication.

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