Solutions Dashboard and Data-analytics Monitor your company's reputation with a dashboard

Monitor your company's reputation with a dashboard

Monitor your company's reputation with a dashboard
Project objective

Develop an internal dashboard to monitor and compare Eni’s brand performance and reputation against the broader industry.

Client benefit

Sales & Marketing optimization - Track and improve brand performance

Project results

This application pulls data from different sources to offer a complete reputation view. Data from research institutes, digital touchpoints and internal surveys are unified in a single, common environment to provide Eni senior management an internal and market-level view.

Project background

Reputation and brand performance are crucial for the key players in any given industry, and a holistic view of these elements rests on internal, customer and competitive market data. This application, still actively utilized by Eni, uses an innovative and unique data visualization to analyse global reputation by visualizing reputation data from multiple data-sources. 

The dashboard shows data that provides a view of Brand and competitor reputation across different stakeholder groups and brand characteristics, comparing databases, real-time social media data and benchmark market data.

«Here at Eni Datalab we care about beauty; we know it’s necessary to turn it into data visualization in order to make the power of data practical. This is the goal we set for us and The Visual Agency, that assists us in the design and the development of such aesthetically impressive as groundbreaking digital tools.»

Filippo Capriotti - Head of Communication Data Analysis, ENI

Explore the project

We have designed this dashboard responding to the client’s necessity to create a tool for the top management that allows the client to monitor different communication environments in one place.

The dashboard visualizes data from different data and information sources such as studies from research institutes, internal surveys, social media data and print and online media data.

Stakeholders and competitors

The dashboard is designed to collect strategic information about the internal and external reputation of ENI and visualizes the essential reputation parameters by internal and external stakeholders.

Eni Reputation dashboard filter's detail
Eni Reputation dashboard filter's detail

Filtering the visualizations

A sophisticated system of filters and drill-down functions enables the end-user to apply individual levels of analysis to the information at hand and to extract tailored information.

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