Stepping into the data universe

A new interactive platform to explore large datasets. This application enables the client to move away from bulky printed reports towards a single efficient digital framework.

Since 1992 Audipress gathers and publishes data on the readership of newspapers and magazines in Italy. Data are collected on a quarterly basis by Doxa, the leading statistical and opinion research company in Italy.

The Visual Agency developed a dashboard to visualize all these data in 14 different interactive views, organized by geographic areas, socio-demographic characteristics, readership habits.


Data collection for Audipress is performed by Doxa, the most important italian market research firm, with we have been cooperating for a long time in this front.

Thanks to this digital platform users can explore and download the dataset and Audipress was able to move from bulky printed reports to a single efficient digital framework to store and consult all the dossiers.

«Credo che questa applicazione di data visualization rappresenti un caso di eccellenza europeo»

Fabrizio Carotti – Direttore Generale Audipress

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