The Visual Agency closes the year with a growth of 50 percent

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The Visual Agency closes 2017 with a more than positive balance: a growth in revenues of over 50 percent compared to 2016 and an EBITDA increasing to 10 per cent.

Creativity and innovation have paid off in terms of growth in turnover and the number of dedicated resources, currently equal to 16 people, including 12 information designers specializing in dataviz, motion designers, UI, web development and visual journalists.

An offer difficult to find on the market, high creative quality and delivery confirm the winning elements for the company that in 2017 also saw the awarding of the Eni tender for all video activities, static and interactive infographics.

In addition, after other international awards won in the past years, has won the prestigious European Design Award, won for the innovative project “AChartADay”.

“We are particularly pleased with the recently concluded year. – says Paolo Guadagni, founder and CEO of The Visual Agency – The important results achieved are the concrete demonstration of the growing importance of the data visualization sector and of an increasingly strong attention of large companies for this type of activity. The growth of interest in this sector is also evidenced by the opening in 2017 of our Academy, the division that deals with training and training on data visualization, which in 2017 delivered 10 courses to over 100 participants “.

The Visual Agency’s commitment to date and visual journalism also continues, in particular thanks to the two reports made for Corriere.it, one dedicated to Russiagate and the other to the damage caused to the artistic and cultural heritage in Syria.

“Every data hides a story”, this is the mission of the company that has strengthened its position during the year, thanks to a targeted rebranding that has given life to a new logo, a renewed website and an innovative payoff “meaningful visualization, memorable stories “.


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