The first online "Visual Data" on Corriere della Sera is signed by us

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The “visual data” of La Lettura, the section of the Sunday insert of the Corriere della Sera dedicated to infographics, land online, and to open a row of our interactive visualization created in collaboration with Google.

For the Milanese publication, one of the most authoritative on the Italian level, we have traced and visualized what Italians have been searching for on Google during 2017, and then we have compared it with the research carried out in other countries – like the United Kingdom, France , Germany and the United States.

To do this, we used Google Trends, a tool that lets you know how often you search the web for a given word or phrase – search and display can be set by country and language.

In particular we have selected the queries that, for each month of 2017, have had a greater search variation. The results were then compared over the whole year, to normalize them on a scale from 0 to 100. Finally, for each query all the values ​​of interest were collected over time in 2017 to visualize the trend and obtain the average value of research on the year.

The project rewards the collaboration that we hold with Corriere della Sera on the supply side of infographics, which began in 2013 with the paper and consolidated format.


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