The Apennines' Atlas, a star at the ADI Design Museum

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The Apennines Atlas is once again confirmed to be a unique and evocative project, able to enchant as the readers as the industry professionals.

Listed in the ADI Design Index 2019 and awarded as design excellence by two Italian regions, the book realized in collaboration with Symbola has competed for the Compasso d’Oro, nothing less than the world’s oldest and most prestigious award in the field of Italian design.

The trophy, a compass that recalls the golden ratio, was held by the great architect Gio Ponti and designed by Albe Steiner back in 1954. Since then, it is assigned every three years by selecting the best product among those inserted in the Adi Indexes, and awarding other prizes like honorable mentions, career awards and titles dedicated to the young and the foreigners.

Furthermore, in there as a finalist, the project is exhibited from 10 to 16 September at the ADI Design Museum of Milan, a new exhibition space, curated by the Association, that shows the 350 hundred Compasso D’Oro winners from 1954 to date.


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